The following podiatry services are available at the practice

  • SURGICAL and palliative care of ingrowing toenails. Partial and total nail avulsions
  • CLEARANAIL drill treatment of FUNGAL nail infection
  • BIOMECHANICAL assessment and orthoses prescription for gait and postural foot problems
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS and heel pain
  • DIABETIC care and assessment
  • PERIPHERAL NEURO and VASCULAR assessment of the foot for neuropathic and vascular /arterial problems
  • ARTHRITIC and RHEUMATOID conditions care and assessment
  • Treatment and advice for CORNS CALLOUS and other skin lesions
  • Advice and treatment for FUNGAL [mycotic] infections of the SKIN and NAILS
  • Treatment of VERRUCA PEDIS by chemical or cryotherapy
  • General foot care and footwear advice

Please bring a list of your current medication when attending your first appointment